The Co-Creativity Institute

Advanced Facilitation and Leadership Training for Consultants

Consultants, whether internal or external, expert or facilitating, need a palette of leadership related competencies to achieve their goals with group interactions.  

Expert Consultants

It does not matter what an expert knows or can analyze if people do not listen.  Recommendations are also irrelevant when the expert is missing relevant information from the organization.  It is our contention that the best way to apply outside expertise to an organization is by involving the experts in an internal cross-functional team with key and relevant members of the organization, and we are prepared to assist and to develop consultant personnel to facilitate  complex strategic projects.  However, even those consultants who choose to extract data, information, and knowledge from the organization for outsiders to analyze and base recommendations on, have a need to effectively manage meetings, groups, and teams of client and consultant personnel.

Advancing Facilitation Competencies

After the first rush of success in various programs such as Six Sigma, Value Engineering, Creative Problem Solving, etc., program leaders often begin to realize the advantage of further developing their facilitation skills.  This is especially true of those who immerse themselves in the tools and techniques of software based approaches. Most can benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics triggered by their methods and behaviors.  Some consultants need the ability to manage teams studying new kinds of problems.  Some need the ability to handle people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Others who have developed their facilitation in a narrow specialty need to acquire an understanding of business and strategy fundamentals.

Our Approach

Our preferred approach is to lead a real-world project for immediate results, delivering just-in-time training in key topics for a longer term increase in competence, followed up by additional education in key areas.  We can operate as principal in charge for projects, deliver our education and leadership services within the context of your project or education program, or custom design an education program for your targeted consultants and facilitators.  We can integrate lessons from a broad range of relevant areas, including:

Getting Listened to: 
Developing Deliberate Leadership

 Fundamentals of Ethics, Business, and Management

Developing and Leading Creativity:
Advanced Development for Facilitators

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